Sunday, November 16, 2008

Snapshot Sunday

Since I've spent the weekend in bed trying to keep my head from spinning, without the fun of earning it with alcohol, my plans of shooting some new pics didn't come to fruition so I'll have to post some stuff I shot this summer.

At the end of September my beloved and I set off for a monumental road trip. 3012 miles over 7 states in 8 days. Our goal, to have a short but sweet visit with my parents, then his family, then a couple of days to ourselves.

We met those goals but it wasn't easy spending hours upon hours in the car every day. I'd do a road trip again but not like that. However, the visits went surprisingly well (with the exception of one ruined evening with his crazy, drunk uncle) I was thrilled that we escaped my parents house without any type of repeat Christmas incident and whitey & I got along great. Thank the lerd.

We're both lucky to have family living in Montana and before you make a bunch of unibomber black helicopter hick ass jokes Montana is a beautiful state with a lot to offer, even if some of the people are backwoods weirdos. And I had to take most of my photos from a moving automobile, but I was pleased with a few.

Taken in Yellowstone
sun spot

Lower Falls
Lower Falls

America's Next Top Model

The world's shortest river

Desert highway

The entire set can be seen here:


Curvy girl said...

Beautiful photos! You are seriously talented!

Bitter Betty said...

Thank you!

Matty said...

I love the edit of the raven. Put it on my gift list.