Wednesday, October 19, 2005

She who is tardy

I know it's been 2 weeks. I'm a wee bit angry, a'ight? Too pissed to post.

Like, I'd make Bjork seem perky.

Don't hate me because i'm mad.

OK, I'm not just surly right now. I'm also so fucking tired and stressed out that I can barely think and I'm slightly verklempt that I am a loser with a loser blog, but I'll try to come back soon. God, don't you hate it when people write shit like this?

p.s. Don't Google "pissed" in images without your strictest filter on. I'm just sayin'.

Monday, October 03, 2005

The good, the bad, the Boo, + 1

Spent the day yesterday at Disneyland with whitey and our friend Ginny. We had a most excellent time. I even got to visit with my friend Chris and her husband, who popped over for a bit, although it was too short. We had so much fun. It was a perfect end to the birthdaypalooza I'd managed to stretch out for 2 whole weeks. Go me! The day was awesomely great but I'm so, so tired. Will write details later. And please skip misspellings and bad grammar, I'm too tired to proof.
We got caught in some bool-shit traffic on the way home. There's nothing like going 2 miles in a hour. So fun. It was suckass but I'm sure not as bad as it was for the people in the 2 vehicles that looked as if they'd been sent the junkyard, smashed in one of those crusher things, then dropped back onto the freeway. We had sobering thoughts for aabout a minute then went back to bitching about how we'd be delayed by a friggen hour in getting home. So, so tired.
Boo is still not doing well. :( She seems to be on a steady downfall physically while getting more and more sweet with the purring and snuggling. Figure that one out. My heart is being held together with a ratty old bandaid I found in the bottom of an old box under the sink and the glue is losing it's sticky hold. The smile I had all day yesterday is back in my pocket for safe-keeping since I'm worried sick and feel horrible for the pain she's still in and the not knowing if she's going to make it.

We had our fifth trip to the vet's on Saturday on a please-squeeze-me-in-right-now basis since it looked like the cornea on her left eye had ripped. The vet was super nice and assured me that her heart sounded good and her gums were pink but yes, she's way too thin and damn, they don't know what the hell is wrong with her and we're all so sorry. It's so frustrating and awful.

Boo already had an appt. for the eye specialist scheduled for this morning to do a re-check, but now she'll have yet another new something to look for. And poor baby, the right eye did the same wrinkled, painful hazy thing yesterday. More money, more drugs, more pain and scary car rides for her. She's down to less than 11 pounds and started out at 14 lbs, at least. It sucks and I don't know what to do differently. -sigh- It's all so sad. Hate it hate it hate it. I'm trying to love her to health, but it's not working.

This is all I have in me today, kids. Thought I'd leave you with a little diddy I wrote the other day. A flashback from highschool, which pretty much all of my memories from those 4 haunting years are. Blinding and uncomfortable. This is one of the exceptions. Enjoy.


The Best Chick Fight I Ever Did Saw

It was a blistering day on the quad. School had been back in session for about a month and the kids would be looking forward to a sweltering Halloween night suffocating in their Freddy Kruger masks. This being Southern California and mostly desert, even though you can't tell because of the bright green 4 acre lawns that must be sustained by intricate sprinkler systems and all of the Colorado river, it was fucking hot. In October. HOT.

Everyone but the 4H kids were sweaty and cranky. We didn't have the benefit of an indoor school pumped frigid with air conditioning like some of you kids living in the east or the square states in the middle, and the 30 year-old AC units sputtered forth not much more than musty, tepid air. It was like an old man breathing on your neck. These conditions lend to quick tempers and us being teenagers anyway, an excuse to blow any kind of evil steam was easily obtained and pure entertainment.

The lunch bell rang promptly at 11:44 and close to two thousand students dispersed across campus to their respective safe zones to shoot the shit and have some sub-standard grub. We did not have quality tots, yo. I was melting with my drama buddies at our usual wall near the theater, which just happened to be directly across from the main offices. It wasn't the best place to claim on the first day of school, since it was home-base for the yard dogs and authoritarians in charge, but it was our version of home for 3 times a day.

On this particular day, we could do hardly more than weakly chew our e-coli baloney and carefully sip cans of warm Hawaiian punch making sure we weren't swigging a swimming yellow jacket with our sugary swill. We certainly weren't prepared for the show that would soon fall literally at our feet. Without nary a warning or warm-up, blasting before us like a double-human tumbleweed, a whirling dervish of white jeans and bleached blond hair came flying between our 2 groups who were split by the walkway. It was a wonder none of us were sucked into the screaming vortex of what we soon realized was a honest to goodness chick fight!

You see, chick fights in my town were few and far between and therefore the excitement level was especially high. We could count on some scrotum scuffle between the boys at least once a week, but as we all know those mostly consist of 2 testosterone poisoned dudes staring each other down, circling occasionally and pumping their clenched fists at the ground. A connection is made more by accident than not and they're pulled apart by their buddies in record time. A chick fight is viscous and wild, like 2 wet cats in a cage, all claws, hair pulling, and shrieks.

Although the cat fight being played out right in front of us was over practically before it began, it was brutal and awesome. Both girls had long hair and had managed to entagle a fist each with her opponents scalp. They were both bent over at the waist and attempting to pummel each others faces, occasionally going down to a knee then yanking each other back up with violent force. There was much scratching.

Grunts of "bitch" and "whore" were peppered between the screams and one perfectly connected slap was heard across the city. None of us could move a muscle from shock and we were smarter than to get in the middle of that. Plus it was the coolest thing ever. Before we knew it, the principal and vice principal were on top of the situation and plucked these 2 brawlers apart, requiring more effort than they'd obviously thought.

The girls were finally stopped, given a little shake by each man and a brief moment for everyone to catch their breath, then quickly led away towards the offices to face their impending punishment. Just when we thought it was all over, the bigger girl pulled a slippery eel Ninja move I will never forget.

While they were all beginning to walk away, the larger girl and obvious instigator of the fight twisted like a circus contortionist, and while still in the principals grip, in one swift move reached out and plucked my friends full but open carton of warm milk off the wall, leaned back and with her left arm, rocketed that carton behind the vice principal and pegged her opponent square in the head. Causing her victim to lurch forward from the force and soaking her and the VP with curdled milk. We would have cheered but our wide-eyed, gaping mouthed, stunned silence was appreciation enough.

And we never saw those girls again...