Tuesday, November 11, 2008

7 days later

One week ago my country voted in a new president. A man who has restored my hope. A man that I pray will fix the things that need to be fixed. A man that has made history. Wonderful, rightful history. I can finally say again that I'm proud to be an American, something I've struggled with for the last few years.

I don't get political very often but I've been in a state of bliss for a week, excited at the prospect of the good that can come. Now, I'd like to say the same about California. But that will take reversing this stupid, discriminatory, assbackwards, offending piece of shit Proposition 8. I pray to my God, the one who loves everyone, that this can be done.

As I told my gay best friend, who's much more affected by this, and rightly so, you are not less by the color of your skin, you are not less by the size of your body, and you are not less by the person you love.

I don't know anything about Keith Olberman (apparently he might be nuts?) but I think he sums it up with a powerful and extremely well-said message.

Get your shit together, California. Take Obama's lead and get your shit together.


Sugapie said...

Sending a fist bump your way sista!!

Avalon said...

I just don't get why some people are sooooooo terribly offended that other people want to love other people.


NouveauBlogger said...