Monday, November 10, 2008


Sometimes I'm a little late to the party. Be it circumstance, innocent ignorance or my rejection of most things wildly popular until the hype wears off and then I'll get on the bandwagon. Like with SUV's. I sure picked a great year to buy one of those! But most of the time it's something I didn't give a lot of thought to until I tripped over it on my own then said to myself, why the hell didn't I do this sooner?!?

Since the writers strike fucked up our television watching for nearly a year and this summer I couldn't take Dirty Dancing one more effing time I started to rent TV shows from Netflix. And that's where I discovered Dexter. Seriously, if you haven't watched this show or you've caught it on broadcast channels I implore you to rent every season you can on DVD and pay your cable company whatever they want for Showtime on Demand and catch up with the rest of us. It's that good.

It's grizzly as fuck but the story lines are entertaining and the tension is almost too much to bear but not quite and the music will haunt your dreams in a good way. It's funny, too. The cast is superb and writing top notch, although I can't figure out why the freck they put the female police chief in the worst wardrobe of pastel nightmare suits every single week. She looks like a demented Easter bunny with tits. So distracting. Beyond that, it's an absolute must see. If you loved Six Feet Under you will love Dexter.

As I was finishing up the last season of Dexter on DVD my friends started talking about a new show and giving it rave reviews. I knew it was on HBO and my HBO was currently screwed up because my dumb cable company is just that, dumb. So I called and told them to stop being dumb and fix my shit and btw, please give me extra stuff with On Demand type things and they did and that's when I discovered I could finally see the show my friends had told me to see and thank you LORDY LORD that I did because now I'm OBSESSED with this:

Oh my good gawd am I obsessed. There's only been 10 episodes so far but they are 10 packed-with-awesomness episodes and let me tell you, if you google this guy you won't get much. It'l be a whatever endeavor because really, he's sort of a plain Wayne in his past roles, but holy crap on a stake, is he not ever sexy brooding you can suck on my neck anytime HOT when he's playing Bill the vampire.
And this isn't the very best pic but the brood thing - this is what I'm talking about.

That man can give brood like no other. And that accent. ~swoon~ And when his fangs pop out with that little whoosh-click, quick as could be, well, I'd let him bite me wherever he wanted to. He could pinch the fat on my underarms. He could borrow $50 bucks and not pay it back. Just chomp on my neck for awhile and give me that look. Sex. On. A. Stick.
Oh, and this show also has great writing and is entertaining as hell and I've discovered I have a major boner for vampires. Probably something I've been repressing for a long time but not any more! I love vampires and I'm not afraid to say it! At least the kind like Bill. Nice Southern gentlemen blood suckers that give you the big "O" after draining a pint or two. Maybe from my inner thigh...
Man, I can't wait for Sunday.


Avalon said...

I am too feckin poor to afford HBO. Here in lovely New England, you have to donate a vital organ annually to afford premium channels.

I'll have to stick with my Nip/Tuck obsession.

Curvy girl said...

I second the emotion for True Blood! This is my newest guilty pleasure as well. I have feeling I would be a "fang banger" at least once myself. I also love those moments when Sookie calls people on what they are thinking. I haven't seen the last two episodes cause I was moving, but I have them on the DVR and plan to get caught up this weekend.

The cable networks really do have the best shows on television anymore. If you are into biker bad boy types check out Sons of Anarchy on FX. YUMMY! I would be Jax's bitch anytime! MEOW!

kim* said...

i saw that ad for true blood its so gory

krisis said...

I had this day a few weeks ago where I discovered they stream all of the first season of Dexter on Netflix and I watched it all in one shot AND IT WAS TERRIFYING. Not because of the grizzliness so much as the constant tension of Dexter being Dexter.

I thought the first season was such a perfect little capsule that I'm hesitant to pursue it any further. Does it stay as strong?

(PS: I just came from organizing a concert where the drummer was a DEAD RINGER for the Ice Cream Truck killer. Long neck and creepy seduction-eyes and everything. I could not watch him drum.)

annie said...

I only got Showtime at the beginning of this year. After The Sopranos ended last year, we were like, Why do we have HBO? so we switched to Showtime and I instantly fell in LOVE with Dexter, The Tudors and Weeds. They are my 3 favorite shows now.
I don't know how you'd feel about The Tudors (it's like a racy, sexy, scandalous soap opera)
but I if you like Dexter, I think you'd like Weeds. Weeds is more comedy than dark comedy. I'd never seen seasons 1 and 2 of Weeds, so I just bought season 1. It's starting out a little slow, but I've seen season 3 and 4 and they were fricken hilarious!

Love your posts by the way, very funny! I came over here from Avalon's cuz I liked your name.