Sunday, November 02, 2008

Snapshot Sunday

Last week I took my best friend out for a little birthday excursion of scenic driving, photo-ing and pie eating. We headed up to a small town called Julian that rests in the Eastern part of San Diego county, our version of the country, and known for its rustic flavor, apple orchards and bakeries. (Mmmm, pie.)

The old-fashioned soda fountain also cooks a mean burger even though you might get some pervy attention by one of the town "characters" dressed in full Tombstone-era regalia who stares a second too long at your boobs but whatever, the iced tea was cold and the price was right.

One of our goals of the trip was to find the town cemetery and hopefully get some good shots, a location we've both been wanting to hit. We quickly found it a the top of a huge hill and made our trek up the crude, railroad tie steps to the graves, hoping to find some really cool, old headstones. What we hadn't really counted on was how sad some of the markers would be.

Of course, death is inevitable but it still sucks and seeing the babies graves was heart wrenching, as were the young people and headstones that gave a lot of information. "Wife and mother." "Beloved brother, father, son, and friend." "He always took the short cut home." But we also saw a lot of people that lived long, long lives. We hoped fulfilling ones.

As melancholy as it was, we tried to be respectful and it's a good reminder that life is short. Shorter still for some, so you'd better make it good. Flowers grow in the middle of poop, you know. (Hey, I should stitch that on a pillow.) So take a moment at least once a day to say, you know, I have a lot to be thankful for. I swear, it helps you see right through the stinky shit.

OK. Enough lecture. Here are some pics. The rest can be seen on my Flickr account.



fence color



Little angel


Oak trees turning

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