Sunday, November 04, 2007


Because this is Sunday and not only did I clean the bathroom (blick) and finished up my five millionth load of fucking laundry, I took a time-change nap that had me waking up feeling like someone had slipped some rufies into my Crystal Light. The brain, she is fuzzy. I won't even mention my surprise period attack this afternoon that left me screeching "Too soon! TOO SOON!" because when I checked my calender I counted exactly 23 days from the start of my last shark week, for christeffingsakes, which means I enjoyed exactly 16 days of flow-free days and that is a fucking ripoff, yo.

I have a crapload of glimpses of blogging ideas for this month of torture, ahem, I mean great daily writing but nothing is solidified in my mind yet. So I'm going to steal from Krishanna who so kindly linked me on the main Nablopomo site (and I in turn linked her back - kisses!) and who I'm sure it a perfectly lovely person who shares my penchant for the cranky and dang if she didn't make a good point that hopefully (for me) new people are cruising by and some of you might want to know a thing or three about me. And you go ahead and jank this from me if you're so inclined. I cut out a lot of the question cuz I got hungry mid-way through and left to go munch.

Do you have any weird things in your room?:
Since I'm trying to sell my condo all the weird stuff is packed and in the garage. Unless you count what's in the bottom drawer of my nightstand. There's a couple of things in there that could be mistaken for a giant ear cleaner, if you know whatta mean.

If you could have any pet what would you have?:
Dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs. (May they come with a purple Dyson.)

Best thing to do on a rainy day?:
Since we only get 4 of those a year here in Southern California I like to wrap up in a fuzzy blanket and watch movies or read next to a window. Of course I'd only last about an hour before needing to turn the AC back on but a girl can dream.

How many movies do you own?:
Oh shit, I don't know. Half the DVD's I've bought are still in the fucking wrapping. That stuff is like impossible to get off.

Best vacation you've ever gone on?:
I have yet to be able to claim any one trip I've taken as the best vacation. I mostly visit family on any time off I earn and we all know that doesn't qualify. Jeez. I just made myself really depressed.

Coolest person you've ever met?:
My boyfriend. (Please don't puke, it's true.)

Ever taken a trip on a bus?:
Ew, gross, no. Oh wait, in 8th grade I went skiing in Utah with my jr. high ski club. And that's when my body decided to enter me into womanhood for the very first time somewhere between Vegas and Brianhead. Oh. The Joy.

Wildest thing you've done while drunk?:
There are too many to count. And I could be giving away future posts. Y'all will have to wait.

Best time you've ever had at a playground?:
Making out with my bff Matty while we were in high school. And before he was "out."

Ever almost get hit by a train?:
What is this, Oklahoma? No.

Has anyone ever sent you flowers, why?:
Of course, lots, because I'm fabulous.

Ever have an imaginary friend?:
I tried to make one up when I was in grade school but I already knew then it was stupid and fake and my stuffed animals were better conversationalists anyway.

Best color of eyes?:
Personally I like grey eyes but mine are shit brown.

Ever electrocute yourself?:
Holy gawd, did I ever. Once when I was about 19 my bff Shawna and I went to Sea World. After going to the Shamu show and being soaked from head-to-toe with marine mammal poo water we hit the bathroom to pee and clean up. Thinking I'd be oh-so-clever and copy Madonna's little armpit over the dryer thing from Desperately Seeking Susan and I grabbed the damn thing with both wet hands. I felt that shock hit my feet and instantly felt like someone had just shoved a cattle prod up my ass. The pain traveled back up to my head for the next 2 hours before I was OK. One (of many) of the dumbest things I've done for a laugh.

How many phones do you own?:
2. One land line, 1 cell.

Do you collect anything cool?:
I'm a pack rat with a shopping addiction. You do the math. Right now it's photography equipment, which I think is very cool.

How often do you clean your room/house?:

Best thing to watch late at night?:
Conan. He's high-larious.

What friend do you have the most fun with?:
My boyfriend. He's high-larious. And cute.

Ever caused or been involved in a car crash?:
Oi. Yes, 3 of them, all not my fault. The first was a high-speed (over 100 mph) single car crash that we literally walked away from, albeit limping. Still can't believe we survived it.

Are you creative?:
Oh, I so hope I am.

Favorite class you took in high school?:
Odd enough, Health. Even though the teacher was an asshole extraordinaire.

Something you like to eat that everyone else thinks is gross?:
Spaghettios right out of the can.

Ever think you were going to die?:
Sooner than later? Yes. It's one of my new obsessions, unfortunately.

Have anything on your computer you wouldn't want people to see?:
Heck yes. My scanned high school senior picture for one thing.

What do you think of tongue piercing?:
If you want to go ahead and risk losing your sense of smell and taste be my guest. They are fun to kiss, though.

Favorite place to get food from?:
We are so addicted to Del Taco it's obscene.

Favorite thing to sleep in?:
Tank-top and shorts.

Ever slept outside?:
Yes. I had the misfortune of camping quite a few times as a kid or getting the delusional thought
that spending a night in the backyard would be fun. I HATED it every stinking time.

What's the worst day of your life?:
Three-way tie. The day I had to put my dog to sleep, the day I was told I had cancer, evacuating our home during the fires the week before last.

What did you dream last night?
I can't remember last night but right before I woke up from my nap I dreamt I was with a group of girls and someone was making us swim through water and under rocks or something to go fake SCUBA diving with only our clothes on. It was weird.

Are you having a good day today?:
Yea, sure, it's been alright.


Avalon said...

If Whitey wasn't so cool, I might puke.

And no, the dogs don't come with a Dyson. They can't even wipe up their own friggin muddy footprints. Ingrates.

Mrs. G. said...

Shark week...I am so stealing that.

krishanna said...

Awe... EWE r sew sweet...Now I know more about you... You've also been added to the links on my blog.. ;)