Thursday, November 15, 2007

Em Oh Ewe Ess Eww

A woman was questioned and caused the Pirates of the Caribbean to close at Disneyland the other day because park employees saw her deposit some kind of powder into the water while she was on the ride. She claims it was baby powder. Those in the know say it was human remains.


Apparently, according to some Mickyfile who runs a popular website for Disney crazies says this is an occurance that's happening more frequently.


Now I totally understand trying to abide by someone's final wishes, and I know there are loads of people out there who are beyond cuckoo for all things Disney, but do you really want your final resting place to be inside a 40 year-old mostly meandering boat ride that while highly enchanting and nostalgic is crammed with creepy animatronic pirates and smells like a giant moldy sock?

These people need to keep Uncle Fester in the urn on the mantle or toss Grandma into the ocean like everyone else and do what the rest of us do at Disneyland. Eat so much junk food your tummy aches for a week, make fun of all the freaks from the square states wearing their black socks and sandles and get drunk off of Vodka snuck through the gates in a Gatorade bottle. You know, civilized behavior.

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Avalon said...

I dunno. I think, given the choice, my princess might not mind being tossed onto the tracks of the Haunted Mansion at Disney. Of course, once she's dead.