Saturday, November 24, 2007


When things get to be too much, with emotions running at a steady high and tempers flare and life-altering HUGE decisions are being made. And you feel like a caged animal being poked by sticks from all sides sometimes it's OK, nay, necessary for your mental fucking health to take a breather, sit back and admire something like the intense love between a dog and her stuffed buffalo.

buffy love3

buffy love 2

buffy love

Even if that love is wildly inappropriate most of the time...

unnatural buffy love


Just Jinny said...

Hey! My dog, Lola, has the same...'relationship' with her bull dog house slipper.

Heidi (not Klum) said...

Awwww to cute. I love labs, especially the yellow ones though, I still miss Grace I suppose. She had to have been the friendliest and nicest dog I ever had, a complete doll.

Damn you'd make such a good dog mom!

NouveauBlogger said...


Avalon said...

Inappropriate is a relative term.

Nan said...

Yup, my dog Maya does this with her stuffed duck. There is just something wrong with a female dog doing that. Makes me think she is a little confused. lol

Newscoma said...

That is the shiniest dog I've ever seen.

I like your dog. My dog Mabel destroys her toys, tears out the squeaky, guts them and then hides them.
Usually under my pillow in which I only find out when it ends up in my mouth because I've been drooling at 3 a.m.

She's not as shiny as your pup though.

Claudia said...

* snort, snirk, giggle * Best kinda lurve! :)What a beautiful beastie he is though!!