Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Yea, what of it!

This is what I think about today.


A big fuck you! Fuck you Tuesday! Fuck you traffic. Fuck you acid reflux burning a hole in my throat! EFF YOU!

Fuck you stupid postal worker woman fucking up my stuff. Fuck you dark meat turkey leg that no one wants sitting all useless in my fridge. EFF YOU!

Fuck you work! Fuck you nasty arrogant stupid customer who wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise inbetween your griping and sniping and not listening then hanging up on my ass! You crusty crotchity crapbag bitch! EFF YOU!

Eff all of you!

Well, except not you or you, or you over there. You guys are OK. But that other chick, FUCK YOU!

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