Saturday, November 25, 2006

Day twentymillion

I am drinking, dammit. My 4 day relaxing, ha! not bloody likely, weekend has been a non-stop extravaganza of driving, shopping, line standing, thinking, shopping, thinking, worrying, bitching, crabbing, spending money, line standing, driving, obsessing obsessing obsessing! I'm vowing to put a cork in my own self now before I kill my awesome fucking Christmas fucking spirit!

I'm still tired from my (very stupid) idea of getting up at 4:30 yesterday to see someone's wizz down the side of a wall and hurt my back trying to lift a 200 lb box containing a sub-standard fake tree. I swear, I get energy expenditure hangovers as if I went on some drunken college co-ed weekend to Palm Springs where I consumed nothing but room temperature jello shots and slept for 2 small hours in a cum-stained couch.

Which reminds me, I actually did spend a weekend in Palm Springs with a pile of insane girls one long holiday weekend many moons ago but it wasn't nearly as fun as getting drunk and puking off the second story balcony of the Radisson and getting finger-banged by some hot guy you met at the pool.

Nooo, I had to hook up with 7 of the squarest most holy-roller fat chicks in my dorm who's idea of a good time was seeing a fucking movie and sipping wine coolers alone while we bonded in a Motel 6 after one bitch's car died on a lonesome highway and all of our extra cash went to fix her fucking radiator so no nice accommodations for us.

I nearly put my fist through the face of our one tea-totaling chick after she'd harassed us all for hours to share are innermost feelings, then dramatically grabbed my arm, put her cherry chapstick lips dangerously close to my face and said in the most patronizing tone, "But how are you, Betty, how are you really." As she glanced down at my bottle of booze. Man, that was a lame time.

Anyway, I guess I've sacrificed my Thanksgiving weekend so I can be done with the crazy stuff and I'll be able to enjoy the last few weekends in December including the long Christmas weekend after having all this mayhem behind me. Presents purchase, packages sent, cards mailed. And of course I've already volunteered to host thanksgiving for my whole family next year so I have that relaxing time to look forward to. Gah!

I did go riding this morning and had a really good time. It's a lot of work but it's fun all the same. However, I agreed to go shopping at a new mini-mall with one of my riding buddies after our lesson and even though we only went to 2 stores, it took 3 hours. 3 hours! And did I buy anything for anyone besides me? No, I did not.

I have a rule for Christmas; one present for you, one for me, but um...I'm a little ahead of everyone else. Heh. Oh well, I'll make up for it next weekend when I fly to San Fran for MORE shopping. Call me Glutton.

So, since I've burned the candle at both ends for 2 days now I'm having a glass or 3 of wine, dammit, posting this and going to snuggle with my honey on the couch. See ya tomorrow!

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