Thursday, November 02, 2006

From me to you

In addition to my man and my kitty, here are some other things I'm lovin' right I thought I'd share. Because I'm totally not selfish. Nope. Not me. I'm a giver. Shut up.

I dig the shopping blogs I already know about and have entertained the thought of doing one myself, but that would take, like, effort and stuff and hrm, it would be, like, hard. In the meantime, check these out.

1. Ben & Jerry's Brownie Batter Ice Cream

Let's start with some medicine, shall we? When you're mood is dislocated and your brain is warped and you need to apply direct pressure on your soul, take 2 of these and call me in the morning. Well, maybe not 2 because they do pack a wallop in the calorie department but they're less fattening than Haagen daz and they have cuter packaging.


This. Shit. Rocks. If you're a batter eater like me you'll appreciate the luscious vein of ooey gooey brownie fornicating the middle of the rich, chocolate ice cream. The batter part doesn't get all weird and crystal-y like some lesser quality ice creams and if you give it a few minutes the whole pint softens up to the perfect consistency so you don't bust a thumb trying to scoop out giant soup-spoonfuls like I do.

One warning: be careful how much you eat or you'll numb your face then you can't perform certain things when a certain someone wants to do certain acts in the bedroom. Otherwise go for it. You can go here to find out if your area has this sex in a freezer.

2. Berkshire Serasoft Blanket

If you want the softest, nummiest blankie to wrap yourself in through these up and coming chilly months this is the one you should have.


It's so soft you might think you've been draped with a hundred baby's asses. Wait, that sounded better in my head. A hundred kitten skins. Eesh, that's no better. Something super soft that you'd want to have wrapped around your body making you feel like angels are gently kissing your face and world peace is at hand. There we go.

I don't know what kind of sent-from-the-heavens this fabric is, (and if it's made from recycled toilet seats taken from rent-a-johns just leave that tidbit of trivia to yourself), but it's magical. It will keep the nightmares at bay and warm your freezing toes and gently lick your boom boom down.

I have 2 of these since the (fucking) cat knows when I'm thinking about possibly considering taking a nap and parks her fat ass on top of my special blankets proceding to litter her fur all over the damn place therefore I needed a spare. I've seen them at a few different stores but mine came from Linens-n-Things who sometimes gives out coupons since the bigger sizes can sting your wallet. But I implore you to go buy one today. You won't be disappointed.

2. Origins Ginger Essence Fragrance Spray

My good friend H. turned me on to this and whitey was the awesome boyfriend that he is and got it for me for Christmas last year. It's a delightfully light sent with a tangy kick to it and won't choke the living shit out of everyone in a 10 foot fucking radius like the cheap swill one of my co-workers insists on drowning her fat ass in every morning. Ahem.


The bottle is a nice size and shape even if the weird little mushroom cap doesn't stay on very well. I know the one I have wasn't very expensive but Origin's online store has it listed at about $40, which still isn't too bad considering I paid $75 for the smallest thing of Michael Kors. You will smell good and it'll make you happy. I promise.

4. Nikon D50 Digital SLR Camera

I can't tell you how much I love this camera. Sometimes I want to fuck it. But that'll mess up the lens and I have a hard enough time keeping that thing clean as it is.


It's a bit weighty but I've gotten used to it and when my carpal tunneled hand gives out I take a break. It's super duper easy to use and takes kickass mother effing pictures, if I do say so myself. And it comes with a digital program that allows you to quickly and easily enhance any picture you think might need it, like a pro in a dark room. And my best friend Matt says it's totally not cheating to do that so it's OK.

For a mid-range digital that has lots of bells-and-whistles and capabilities I don't think it's that expensive, but it is in the $600 range and more if you buy is with a lens kit. I was lucky to get a free digital lens to go with mine so look for deals coming out for the holidays. Also, it's compatible with most regular film 35 mm camera lenses so you can collect digital lenses when you want to. If you like to take pictures I highly recommend this camera. It really is worth every penny I spent. Clicky.

5. NBC's Heroes

Clearly this years Lost, Heroes is weird and quirky and spooky and man, are we totally sucked in. Unlike Lost, which is losing us because fucking hell, resolve something will you?, Hero's has less characters to keep track of and parses out more answers to go with their clues. So I'm much less annoyed and very much intrigued.


I won't give up on my Jack Shephard, and really there's no competition because they're on 2 different nights, but Heroes is turning my head and quick. If you're into comic books and supernatural stuff and decent acting, then check this out. If you've missed any episodes or want a taste you can download them here.

And remember, save the cheerleader, save the world.


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