Monday, April 11, 2005

Right on schedule

Almost 4 years ago, to the day, I was in a car accident. A teenager looked right but failed to look left, and pulled out in front of me. I smashed into the side of her car while hitting my brake so hard I broke a bone in my foot, among other small injuries that never seem to heal. Two miliseconds earlier and I probably would have killed her. We were all relatively OK and my car was repaired.

This morning I was rear-ended by another teenager. He slammed into the back of the same car that survived the crash in '01, and caused me to hit the person in front of me. My car suffered the most damage being the frosting in the middle of this Oreo fender-bender and I'm off to the doctor to attend to this whiplash crawling down my back.

Everyone is OK, I'm hoping my car gets fixed, and I assured the very sorry and angst-ridden kid that all would be well. They were just cars and everyone was fine. He seemed appreciative to not be dealing with hysterical assholes. What would be the point? He didn't mean to do it, thus the definition of 'accident'.

So, when shit happens that can be classified as a hassle and not a calamity, always try to remember it could have been worse and be thankful it wasn't. It'll keep everyone's blood pressure in check and show your fellow humans that crap can be dealt with sans screaming and delirium. I sincerely hope the three of us went about our day without it being completely ruined because we treated each other with concern and respect.

And if any of you have a child who will be a driving teenager in April 2009, I can pencil you in anytime after the 10th.

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