Thursday, April 28, 2005

Long ass weekend of ass

That's right. I'm gonna be gettin' some and then some this weekend. My baby is on the road right now heading in my direction. My anticipation is hardly allowing me to breathe and I can't wait to be in his arms again so I can do just that. I don't even care if we leave the house, just as long as he's in my presence for 3.7 days.

I nearly killed myself cleaning the house and haven't had any time to finish the 14 blog entries I've started. I even wrote out 2 of them long hand when I was in useless training hell last week. With a pen! And I'll tell you my story of the unbelievable shit-storm I weathered in the last week when my blood pressure finally goes back to normal. Picture a feeding frenzy of sharks and me wrapped in tuna steaks. Yea, it was so much fucking fun. People are assholes, s'all I'm sayin'.

I'm not sure when we'll be coming up for air in the next few days, so I'll leave you with some pic's I took around the house last night in a rare moment of cleanly de-cluttered bliss. It only happens about 4 times a year, so it warranted photographic proof. Have a great weekend and don't take no shit from nobody.

Here's my crib, yo. Clicken to enbiggen.

The den of love. Bow chica.
house 002

The never-clean dresser. Notice the crown on the lamp.
house 003

Where I surf for porn and waste the rest of my life.
house 004

A bad shot of my living room. Thank god my crappy camera doesn't pick up the cat hair.
house 005

The dining area. I swear, my world is not a putrid shade of yellow.
house 006

World's largest frame holder.
house 009

Where food goes to rot.
house 007

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