Monday, April 04, 2005

Freakin' chicks

We all have inner voices. Sometimes they're loud, screaming in your ear like a drunken friend proclaiming their equally undying love for you and midnight chili cheese fries. Sometimes they're deceptively soft, a faint whisper brushing past your ear like a lovers lips. Sometimes they lift you up, give encouragement and will your feet to move. Too many times they poison the waters, as damaging as being struck by an angry hand.

I think these internal mumblings are primarily at work in the mind of the female. Yes, ladies, this one is about us. Whether it's the by-product of DNA, societal pressures or bad after-school specials, too often we listen to a nasty, negative voice and dismiss that confident girl with the clever instincts and fabulous hair. We let that rabid skank rule.

The battles we wage within ourselves are enough to drive anyone insane and if ever brought into any type of real combat, would send the toughest green beret crying for his mommy.

No one can be as mean to me as I can be to myself.

And I know I'm not alone. Being a rockstar does not make you immune to that bitch in your head telling you your ass is the size of a Buick, 50 fucking times a day. We don't like these voices and rightly so. At least not the ones who are completely critical, void of constructive criticism and only serve to make you feel like shit. We would never allow someone to stand behind us in the shower and give us a breakdown of all our faults, every single day.

This is precisely why it drives me batshit crazy when I take the time to express my adoration towards someone and they rebuke my energies with a rude poo-poo, thusly implying I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about. And I'm sure it makes those who I cast off want to slam my head into a cement slab. I know we all fight the nasty cunt in our own heads, but if you can't believe her, then at least give me the benefit of the doubt. I'm no liar, and I don't waste my time with false idols.

We all crave flattery. We all need positive feedback. It feels good, it's important and it's essential. But if you keep deflecting those who are trying to give you exactly what you want and need, don't be crying when they give up. No one likes to be doubted every time they open their damn mouth. And anyone would get tired of consistently being told they're wrong, especially when trying to be nice.

When someone gives you a compliment, makes an effort to express and share how they think you're smart, cool, talented, pretty, caring, loyal, whatever, stop and listen. Brushing that off, not honoring those who love and support you and think you're special in some way, is not only insulting to those dishing out the sentiments, but it's a great disservice to yourself. You can cancel out that beotch in your head. So, the next time someone is giving you praise, no matter how small, stop. Shut the fuck up and just stop.


Say "thank you."

Then, believe it. And I'll do the same.

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