Friday, April 15, 2005

Enlighten me, please

I'm not getting the blogging thing lately. I know there are tons of opinions and information out there, but I'm not sure why some blogs become popular and some don't. Why some people get shitloads of comments and others, nothing.

Do you enjoy reading but are comment shy? Have you established cyber rings of blogger friendships and you're sticking together? Did you fall into it and your page magically took off or did it take time? Is this like any other relationship in life and you have to have a tough skin and no expectations? What is the key?

I guess not everyone is cut out for even the smallest amount of public exposure, even if you have turned into pixels on a screen, there's still a real person behind the prose. Half the time this thing is an exercise in agony for me. It's complicated and difficult to explain feeling naked and ignored at the same time. The peril of the vunerable. The rawness of the soul. The regret of the presumption.

I'm really curious about these things because I'm considering doing "something" and wonder what makes some of ya'll keep going.

Indulge me, just this once. Thanks.

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