Tuesday, January 11, 2005


You know when you've been all wrapped up in your own shit and your head has been firmly jammed up your ass and you've been a cranky, self-absorbed dink and you were a poopy no-fun poop on the phone with the most incredible human being when in reality you're just missing someone so much that you're acting like a baby because you've been sick and lonely and bored and you want nothing more than to be in his general vicinity just so you can feel his presence and plant your lips on his forever?

Then you feel better and the rains stop pissing buckets onto your head and the sun comes out and you're thinking about a special someone for the millionth time that day and suddenly have one of those moments of overwhelming passion and adoration that it sucks the oxygen from your lungs and makes your heart pound with adrenalin and aftershocks hit your tingly parts from the mere thought of his hands on your body and you're so fucking appreciative when you realize there's a person on the planet who is so awe-inspiring beautiful and talented and all the words better than awesome that you can't possible be so lucky as to have this man not only in your life but actually be the recipient of their love?

I just had one of those.


whitey said...

Do you know how truly excellent it is to know that somebody feels like this about you? Oh. Yes, you do.

Your poop don't scare me, baby, but I shan't forget you called me a weenie!;)

Bitter Betty said...

It was the Benedryl!!

No_Newz said...

Glad to see ya sunshine!
Lois Lane

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! Obviously a lot better ;-)