Monday, January 17, 2005

Lucy, you've got some 'splainin to do

Calling all bitches. And I say this with the utmost love and respect. Please explain something to me. But give me a second, I'll get to it.

I've been waxing all philosophical and shit lately. This is what happens when you're an over thinker and you have too much alone time on your hands. My mind rarely stops, I've talked about this before, and I have to make legitimate, purposeful efforts to push my personal pause button and give it a rest. God forbid I wake up during the night, which happens every night, and my switch flips back to the "on" position. I'm guaranteed at least an hour of crack-of-dawn pondering over the current drama's weighing on my skull. It's so annoying.

I'm a student of behavior. I have a fucking degree in it forchrissakes, not that that means a damn thing anyway, but tonight, a particular topic is perplexing me and I'm seriously curious for an answer. An explanation I either didn't receive in college or don't remember talking about. And this issue sucks. Pisses me right off and sucks.

Why the fuck do some women (notice the use of the word "some", I do this on purpose as I detest absolutes and think anyone who uses them is always a retard. OK, that was a joke, but you get my point) feel the need, nay, the compulsion to seek out and stalk like a slutty cat in heat, men who have clearly given their hearts to another?

Why do they do this?

Is it ingrained into the female DNA? Is it an accepted societal norm? Is it the scripted dance between ALL species of the opposite sex? Can these women help themselves or are they pre-programmed fembots with vagina's? Am I fooling myself into thinking anything on the entire planet can truly be monogamous?

One thing that I believe is that women are in constant competition with men and women. As opposed to males who only contend with other males. We chicks really aren't a part of that equation. But take a girl against anyone else, be them male or female, and out come the claws or more likely, master manipulations that most men are oblivious to and some women can't do much about. Sorry guys, but you hardly ever know when you're being played. That's just the way it is.

Women are equally as dumb to the games men get away with. But we definitely have a clue when a woman is trying to hand down some serious bullshit. And this is what pisses me off. The need for attention that is so overwhelming by some women it's like a black hole in the universe that attempts to suck every living thing into their own selfish prick of a world. And this is usually done right in the face of another woman.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen some bitch, not a female I respect on any level, go after, not flirt, not tell a good dirty joke, not be friendly, but throw themselves at another woman's man. Right in front of his significant other. And fuck me if these ho's don't win some of the time. They’re like that weird kid who had the triple scoop double dutch chocolate ice cream in the waffle cone with whipped cream but just had to have your single scoop bubble gum ice cream in the cup. Nobody liked that kid. Get your own fucking desert.

And I must add a caveat apologizing for not being able to come up with a better descriptor for my insinuation of the word "belong". I'm a firm believer that no one belongs to anyone else. I don't own anyone but my cats. I'm not responsible for anyone but myself. I don't want to control anyone else, and I don't have a desire to be any person's parental unit. I don't "let" anyone I'm with do anything. I fucking hate that shit. Courtesy is one thing, but some of this permission crap is out of control and I want no part of it. You are responsible for your own actions and you face the consequences of breaking any trust in a relationship. You fuck up, you pay, I leave.

Flirting on a certain level is fine. Terms of endearment are great. Everyone needs attention. Everyone likes to be flattered. It's natural and I'm no different. I'm a total attention whore. But I'm not such a whore that I'd shamelessly throw myself at a person who's in a committed relationship. So take note you women who think it's cool to do this. Or cute. Or harmless. I might have tinges of jealousy, I will admit that, but this has nothing to do with that. It has to do with the extreme level of disrespect some women have for each other that's stumping me for an explanation.

Giving your heart to another person is a serious thing in my book. I don't do this easily and it's a big deal. In return, if I'm lucky enough for someone to entrust me with theirs, I will honor and cherish it. I respect this in other people's relationships as well. And god dammit, there are lines you just don't cross. If you do, and you do this as a big "fuck you" right in someone else's face, well, then you're an asshole and I wouldn't give you the satisfaction to gather the energy to spit in your face. Although I would muster the force to kick you in your crusty crotch before stomping on your soul.

But heed this violators of the unwritten female code. I'm also confident in myself. Confident enough to know that you're pathetic and not part of the equation. And if you ever do become a part, I hope you and the useless, weak, limp dick of a person who fell for your pitiful pussy have a happy life together. Until some other cunt does the same thing to you. If you've acted like my friend, and he's broken a promise, then I'm better off without either of you.

Obnoxious people are good for a quick laugh, but you're soon tiring. It gets old but quick, and you'll be left with yourself and your raunchy schtick, eyes of repugnance staring, trash talk at your back. Everyone, everyone, gets sick of the one trick pony. Been there, done that. Ad nauseum. So when you think you're being clever, again, you're not.

Come on girls. We have enough to deal with in our society. We have enough to sort out in our own heads. We don't need to be at each other's throats, or in everyone else's pants. By all means, I'm not suggesting we sit in sewing circles singing kumbaya and braiding our hair, but get some dignity why don'tcha. I love men. I love women. But I have NO USE for a woman who spews platitudes about being a "sister" then vomits bullshit all over her fellow females with such disgusting disregard.

Have a little bit more respect for others and you'll naturally have more respect for yourself. Or else be ready for my foot up your ass.


Anonymous said...

Rrroowwwwwwwrrrr! Being female, I have no idea darlin' why some women feel the need to throw themselves at a man. Shudder the thought! I have never asked a man out on a date nor ran after one who didn't work out. Not saying I haven't been hurt, I just can't stoop to the lowliness of throwing myself at someone (unless it was during sex and in the use of a pair of handcuffs or having gone a bit to long without ).

Okay, I have gone on to much. As long as the guy knows what he has and wants to keep it, no worries, some people only get a thrill from the chase.
Love ya

whitey said...

Watch out, bitches! The Princess bites!

Anonymous said...

Not only does she bite, she will do it while placing a very pointy boot heel up your arse and leave you in the gutter with the snakes and winos ;-)

Anonymous said...

Not that this comes from experience, but perhaps it is an evolutionary thing. Woman A gets man B and woman C figures that if man B is worthy of the attention of woman A, then he really must be something and she just has to try to get some too.

Or it could be just plain, nasty spite rearing its ugly head again.


Becka said...

Wait, RPS is female? :P

Deej - say the word and I'll kill her.

Dr Rocks said...

Lady, has this been bugging you for a wee while?

Oh, and you so don't own your cats!

Ginny said...

I got your back, sista!!

Bitter Betty said...

h - you always give the best advice. And know me too well. ;)

whitey- only if you ask nicely.

rps - you could be right, although I think in most cases it's the woman being a jerk on purpose. And thanks for stopping by!

becka - i know you know what I'm talking about. And thanks for having my back.

rocky - this issue is way older than me and something I've witnessed since I myself was interested in the opposite sex. It's the constant throwing it in my face by sluts who totally disprespect their fellow females that I'm particularly sick of right now.

ginny - thanks chica! And I yours.

Anonymous said...

I like your attitude. I was going to hypothesize what RPS said, about "taken men" somehow being more desirable, or so conventional wisdom says. But I think that's bullshit. This is what happens when insecurity trumps integrity.

Unfortunately, we're swimmin' in it.

P.S. You ARE one of the best ranters! (Sorry for the qualifier. Lewis Black popped into my head as I wrote that.)


Anonymous said...

Straight, gay, male, female, whatever... Those types are out there and I appreciate how you bring it to the light in your oh-so-wonderful-charming-bitch way.

magz said...

pounded dead center! from this pinnicle of practice.. (lemmee re-phrase that, from this old bag..) seen it happen over n over, usually pointlessly. the more (ahem) 'mature' i get, the more I realize that GOOD galpals rock, and will always be yer back... yet some never outgrow the snarky "I wanna wannna and deserve... since I'm (please scuse here betty, NOT you hun) the Princess of the Universe... daddy always tole me so" attitude.
these females... are NOT yer friends.

Bitter Betty said...

ethernautrix - I agree, and thank you! I've got ya all linked up too.

husband - Thanks for pointing out an element I'd forgotten. There are assholes in every tribe.

magz - The female persuasion is a tough nut to crack, I fully admit that. I just wish we'd all chill out a little and keep our hands to ourselves.