Monday, May 21, 2007


Thank you to everyone who have left comments about Rass. I tried 10 times to reply to you individually but since Haloscan sucks more ass than a horny men's chorus it wouldn't let me. I'm putting whitey on the task of updating this boring blog layout next weekend and switching to another comment thingy. Fuggit. I'm a'scared of the template so I can't do it.

The news about my little girl is sinking in and I'm gearing up to do whatever it will take to keep her happy and healthy as possible (IV fluids - GAH!) I shelled out $50 for a Drinkwell water fountain on Saturday since she was completely obsessed with drinking from the running bathroom tap for awhile and we need to encourage her to consume as much liquid as possible.

The cost of the damn thing stung a bit especially since the online price was WAY lower but I couldn't wait to order it and the stupid store which I won't mention but it rhymes with METCO wouldn't honor the online price because the stores aren't allowed to "compete" with the internet even though it's the same company forfuckssake how stupid.

I got it all set up and filled with water and didn't electrocute myself in the process which was no small miracle, turned it on, let it flow and showed it to the cat who was All. Over. It. For about 5 minutes.

Apparently the entire purpose of drinking out of the tap is not for the fresh, running water but to control me like the puppet master she is getting me up and off my ass to go into the bathroom and turn the water on then stand there while she watches me watching her not drinking it.


This is why I loves cats. They so have you by the balls. Heh. But whatever, it's still worth it.

Not much else of great note is going on besides a list of shit I have to take care of and things on my mind and I'm still really busy coughing, darn it. We managed to leave the house both Saturday and Sunday this weekend and it wasn't all that horrible although next weekend I'd rather stay inside at least Sunday and on the holiday Monday. Your life is pretty pared down when the main goal is to never have the sun touch your skin and it's fun to not brush your hair. Both sound awesome to me.

There were a few moments of retardation, besides the METCO purchase, another one being running into a neighbor (sorry, baby) that I've never spoken too and unfortunately got into a 20 minute chat with (really sorry, baby) where she unhinged her jaw and spewed verbal napalm about her life covering more subjects and personal information that I'd never want to know about (I owe you big, baby).

She, we learned, is divorced with 3 young boys who are in a very expensive private school and she made a killing from her divorce and teaches tennis a few times a week enjoys peanut butter sandwiches on wheat bread but not the crust her ex-husband is a firefighter and on and on and on and just when we were ready to escape we reached one of these moments:

Neighbor: "So, how long have you two been married?"
Us: "Oh, we're not married."
Neighbor: ~gravely serious~"God will bless you more if you get married."
Us later: "What a fucking bitch!!"

The fuck, woman? You think it's OK to say that to perfect strangers?? You don't know our situation, if we're religious at all, or if we're serial killers that whack people then bury them under the lawn for saying stupid things. (We're not, just in case you're wondering.) But that was o-ffen-sive. Now I'm glad I never told her someone drew a sideways penis in pink pen on the back of her minivan. What a shitbag.

On Sunday we went to Sea World, very early (sorry baby!) to try and recapture a photo I'd taken before and have entered in the county fair photo contest, which is my very first photo contest and I have no hopes of even having a picture shown but I wanted to try. We didn't spend a lot of time there but had a pretty good time. The best part being home before 1:00 and narrowly missing the 10 million people who showed up.

I tried to get some shots of fish which are generally tough because of the glass and smears of sticky child hands and greasy noses but I dig the giant octopus who unfortunately lives in a really tiny tank who was giving me the stink eye about it, no doubt.

sea world may '070315

There was also a mother duck with 10 ducklings that were so cute we wanted to shove them all in our pockets and take them home but didn't because we would have had our asses pummeled by a very pissed off mama duck and Rass would have eaten them all then barfed them on the carpet. They were key-yute, though.

Here are the only pic's I uploaded, enjoy if you so please. Sea World set.

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