Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Yea, baby

Lookie my new layout! Come on, people. You have nothing to say?? Nothing?*

Do you even know what it took to change this damn thing? Practically an act of gawd, I'll tell you. This crabby girl does not like change. And I mean, does not like change in a way that normal people don't like swallowing handfuls of glass or getting a used band aid in their salad. I'm talking that much.

Months of contemplation, procrastination, fear. Then there was the hemming followed by the hawing rounded out by the hate of HTML. I'm sure you feel my pain.

Finally the decision was made before I could escape the clutches of my quickly distracted mind and I did it. Only to find that certain things (GOD DAMN COMMENTS) were lost in the ether and the directions for recovery provided by the comment host (GOD DAMN HALOSCAN) were worth jack effing squat (GOD DAMN IT).

But, after several tantrums, minutes of pouting, extreme stress, one irrational accusation, and a borrowed (stolen) image, I think we're on our way. The new Blogger has its problems but some things have been easier to manage. Miracle, I know. I really like the new layout and am proud of myself for figuring some stuff out on my own and finally having a page that doesn't look circa 1999. Go me.

Jesus. You'd think I'd just discovered a new species of puppy or something. Anyway, it's (nearly) done and I'm actually happy with it, finally.

*I'm totally kidding, you don't have to lavish me with compliments, much.

We had a fairly quiet 3 day weekend successfully avoiding the throngs of people who arrive in San Diego hoping to spend time at the beach packing every inch of sand like 4 million drunk sardines slathered in SPF 35. We stayed in and relaxed, watched and turned off half-way through a couple of movies because they sucked ass, and I took some piccies with my macro lens that is a tricky bitch with PMS but a couple of them came out a'ight.


kitty grass

sea world may '0701021

sea world may '0701251

sea world may '0701161


Lastly, just what is the deal with Twitter? I don't get it. I signed up but still, what? And my company has blocked it which is supposed to mean it's a good thing that I must be protected from (eyeroll) so please tell me, what is the hub bub? I must know.


'Coma said...

I dig it. It looks great.

Lisa said...

I love the new layout! Looks great with the drinkie up top. :)
Awesome macros, too. Totally amazing work, Betty! (It feels weird to call you Betty now, but I'll get used to it). Have a great night!

Avalon said...

LOVE IT. But WTF is Twitter? Does it have anything to do with full frontal nudity. if so, provide the goddamned link Betty.

Joan said...

Speaking as the QUEEN OF TEMPLATES, you did good!! I love it.

To get your haloscan comments back, just go in haloscan and follow the instructions in the "new blogger installation wizard"..its a two step process, but it works.

I couldn't figure Twitter out so I just said fuck it.

David said...

I love the banner.

Bitter Betty said...

Thanks, coma!

Don't worry, lisa, darlin, you can call me DJ here. :)

Darn you av! Do I have to do everything?

joanie! I did that 5 times and it still didn't work. :(

Merci, david!

Lynnster said...

Hey, been away a while but I like the new layout, this kinda rocks.

And I lost all my Haloscan comments too when I moved to WordPress. Still looking for something that will import them but I'm now of the opinion Haloscan pretty much sucks.

Lynnster said...

PS Twitter is kinda cool. Most of my blogger friends, as well as some of the other bloggers I read a lot, are on it and I see some hilarious shit throughout the day. I use it sort of as a mini-blog while others mainly use it sort of as just conversation kinda like IM. I couldn't find you on it, what's your Twitter name?

NouveauBlogger said...

Cool're talented :)

Dharma said...

I'm finally getting over to your place and find it totally refurbished. You go honey.