Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Boring re-cap and shameless PSA

How was everyone's Happy Fourth Canada Day of July?

Somehow I feel like my three day weekend was wasted. Or more appropriately, I wasted it being in a fog for most of it. Things were slightly left of center. I saw everything out of the corner of my eye, the one full of cat hair. I'm still so tired, then I get guilty for being a sloth, then pissed off, then I take a nap.

The temp's have been heating up lately, and since I've turned into a walking furnace with tits it's been brutal. The thought of spending any time in the sun precisely kept me out of it, as much as possible. We were invited to a party on Monday but the thought of sitting outside was too much to take. So we went to the mall instead, inbetween watching 495 hours of TV and laying like a rug. Poor whitey. I feel so bad for being such a sickly dud all the time.

We did venture out to lunch on Sunday too. I was happy to go to what was (emphasis on was) one of my favorite restaurants, The Cheescake factory. I love this place. The atmosphere is nice, the food awesome and the cheescakes are almost better than sex. But I talked it up too much and jinxed it. Or it was because I said outloud that I'd talked it up too much and probably jinxed it. Either way, it sucked.

It was so crappy that I didn't get any cheesecake. That's how pissed off I was. The place was jammed with screaming kids and obnoxious drunks, at 4:00 mind you. I ordered an Asian chicken salad that arrived with a huge pile of fiber-optic hair piled on top, hardly any dressing and it was littered with that purple cabbage. I hate purple cabbage. Tasted like poo. Worst of all, our waitress blew. And not in the good way.

I walk into an eatery planning on a 20% tip for my server. You have to fuck up good for it to start going down. Our chick messed up so many times that not only did she get about a 12% tip, but I stole her pretty pink pen she gave me to sign the credit card slip with. Ha! That'll learn ya. And now I'll never go back there. Or at least not until I forget about the shitty salad and the loudness and the bad service want a piece of Kaluah Fudge Double Chocolate Caramal Extreme Ripple Cheescake.

All-in-all, it wasn't a bad weekend by any means. I had a great riding lesson on Saturday and jumped a bunch, so that was fun. But I'm torqued about still not feeling great all the time and worried that I'm dragging someone else through this mud with me. And yes, I believe him when he says it's/we're/he's fine, but I'm still going to worry! So feh.


And now I shall lecture and plea.

I'm an animal lover. In fact, I like them more than people. Might sound harsh, but it's the truth and I make no apolgies for it. I'm not perfect and yes, the Noctural Bastards do irritate me from time-to-time and you might see a kitty taking a small flying leap with a little assistance off the bed at 1:30 in the morning after attempting to walk across my brains. But, my girls are well taken care of and protected.

They're not allowed outside to get eaten by coyotes or squished by cars or infringe on some neighbor who might not like my cats as much as I do and decide to turn them into furry mulch.
They're fed and watered and given treats and belly rubs and toys. They have the run of the house, save for the coffee table because those little fuckers get up there and drink my drinks with paws dusted in kitty litter. However, they are loved. I am tolerated. That's how it works.

Whitey and I happened across several episodes of Animal Cops while we were lounging about last weekend. I seriously cannot go into the rant I'd like to about this epidemic of abuse. It will upset me to the point of shut-down or explosion. It's not that I can't believe people are such souless fucks that they can neglect, mistreat and torture living creatures. It's the overwhelming numbers of worthless pricks perpetrating these crimes against animals that blows me away. It's the cruel disregard for life. The utter selfishness and lack of thought. Makes me sick on a level I can't articulate.

The people who rescue animals, arrest abusers, nurse furries back to health, and care enough to witness the carnage, destruction and desecration on a daily basis are angels. It takes special people to do this and from what I've seen not someone who's just doing their job. They really care. And they have the guts to see what they see and deal with what they have to deal with. That takes balls. And money. Which is what I give because I couldn't face what they do.

Animals are a life, not an impulse buy. So take heed when it's Easter and those bunnies are just too cute. Think before bringing a particular dog or dog breed into your home. Do your research prior to getting that fish tank or hamster or kitten. Please be responsible and get your beasts fixed and keep them healthy with vaccinations and check-ups.

Find out the proper way to train a new puppy or to deal with a freaky feline. And ask for help if you need it. Find a good home if you can't take care of an animal anymore. Do what's right. For you and your pet and maybe someday we won't have a show like Animal Cops with a million hours of heartbreaking footage.

I know there are a zillion charities out there. Important causes. Personal choices. And I'm sure lots of people think animals aren't as valuable as humans, but there's room for both, at least in my mind. My philosophy is, if someone doesn't care about life in the lowest forms, what would make them care about life in the higher? And yes, this includes snakes. (Darnit). If you can't give money, there are always lists of needs the shelters publish. Even a few old towels would be greatly appreciated. So, if you're so inclined, check out these sites. They need you too.


Humane Society


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