Monday, June 20, 2005

Happy Birthday, Baby

san fran 060

30 years ago today you came into the world and made it a better place. I think I felt the earth shift on that Summer Saturday, since I was practically in high school when you were born, and I'm sure when you entered this realm it changed the atmosphere. Your presence on this big blue bean is large and your mark indelible. No one who crosses your path does so without taking notice.

I'd written a story of our short history, but it was getting rather long-winded so I'll save it for another time. What I want to say is simple:

You are so beautiful it's hard to put it all into words without cheating and using a thesaurus. Your talents are awe-inspiring and never cease to amaze me. You are loving and thoughtful. Accepting and discering. White-hot smart and a great kisser. You're funny as shit and sexy as hell. And I love you more than chocolate.

I looked at you last weekend while you were sleeping and had to choke back tears. Sometimes my feelings for you crush me under their weight. I knew people like you existed in the world, I just didn't know I'd be lucky enough to have one in my life. Here's to the future, baby. May it bring you everything you desire and more.

You are the noxema on my sunburn.

You are the vodka in my koolaid.

You are the love of my life.

Happy Birthday, baby. I love you!

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