Friday, June 03, 2005

Beware my kitchen

I got home from work last night and after recovering from the shock and awe of whitey’s broken car (god damn stupid people from Budget), I immediately launched into a whiny fit about how tired and hungry I was and how there’s no food in the house. We meandered into the kitchen where I proceeded to open the fridge and commence being grumbly about the empty shelves and Just. What. Are. We. Going. To. Do. Wah.

Whitey then admitted that he’d eaten the rest of my frozen taquito’s earlier in the day and I quickly snapped my head around in horror and proclaimed, “OMG! Those weren’t meat!! They were SOY!!”

His eyes immediately widened, his spine snapped straight, mouth dropped open, and he let out an audible gasp.

Ha Ha. Mr. Doesn’t Eat Green Things Vegetarians are Gay Kill it Grill it and Feed it to Me Carnivore ate soy.

Hope he’s still alive.

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