Monday, February 14, 2005

Well, shit

I said I didn't care about Valentine's Day. I seriously believed I didn't give a fart about any of it. I practically spit on the holiday, flipping my hand at the mere thought that anyone needed to do anything for me. Showing their love and admiration with a small token of their affection. I nearly ordered my beloved to not go out of his way, to spend one iota of energy or time finding just the right symbol of his love. I am a modern woman, secure in her relationship, don't you know.

I didn't need flowers on my desk. I didn't require savory chocolates. I didn't want a present.

I was wrong.




Leslie said...

Then best you get your butt to the store and buy your ownself some chocolates or whatever!

MrV said...

Well hopefully he saw right through you order and went out of his way anyway.

Happy Vday....

Love the blog

Dr Rocks said...

It's hard for him to ship the daily output of the Dove Factory, and expect it to arrive on time.

Becka said...

Think of it this way, the $40 he didn't spend on choco or flowers is $40 closer to moving in with you.