Monday, February 07, 2005

Modern Medical Miracle

I think I could be the first documented case of someone actually getting their brains fucked out.







Will write when my smarts return. And my hoo-ha recovers.

Be jealous ladies. Very, very jealous...


Pirate said...

When the slaying was over did you lay there balled up in the fetal position quivering from the chill of exasperation or did you have a smoke?

Bitter Betty said...

I slapped his ass and called him Shirley.

Leslie said...

Rode him hard and put him up wet, didja? Atta girl.

Ginny said...

LOL, I love a good horse/sex metaphore.

And I'm jealous... HAPPY?!

Becka said...

Yep. Jealous over here.

nicoblue said...

I just wanted to say that it's really neat reading your blog and then whitey's blog to hear the things that you say about each other. It's like you are giving us (me) a small glimpse into your personal love story. It's refreshing for an old married woman like me to be reminded of intense love, and love making (merrow!)

FlowerPowerGoddess said...

So you had a fucking good time? LOL! Getting your brains fucked out is oh so good for your physical and mental well being. Muah!

magz said...

WTG sis...
AKA 'fucked flat' er gumbied.

trisha said...


Bitter Betty said...

leslie - I am an equestrian, after all. ;)

ginny - I wish you many happy humpings in your future as well.

becka - Don't hate me cuz I'm sore. ;)

nico - Thanks darlin. We both posted those without conferring. It was kismet.

h - That I did. It'll always be bittersweet until he's here full-time though. MUAH back!

magz - Gumbied - love it! LOL

trisha - Congrat's indeed darlin. And thanks for stopping by. I'll link you back. :)