Friday, January 26, 2007

Another multiple

Her short and chunky frame is thrust down the hallway while her angry little arms swing diagonally like that picture of bigfoot, bouncing the floor and me out of my chair.

I hear the ca-thwap ca-thwap ca-thwap of her open-toed, inappropriate for winter slingback shoes smacking her heels 30 seconds before she passes my cubicle.

The air about her is stuffed with smugness and superiority.

Comments overheard are narcissistic and offensive.

She didn't give me a corner piece of cake.

I hate her.


A couple Friday's ago we had a little storm blow through San Diego. I personally never saw any rain since this is the desert and you have to be lucky to witness any real precipitation fall from the heavens. But the skies were incredible and the air was crisp and cold, unlike this week where it's been in the 80's and so dry my face is peeling off in sheets. Has gone nicely with the hacking and the snotting.

Two Saturday's ago I walked out of the house at 8:30 in the morning and the first thing I thought was, holy shit, it smells like snow out here. Which is a very different smell than rain or smog or smoggy rain. And sure enough, 10 minutes later as I was crossing a large bridge over a small lake I saw what turned out to be a teeny tiny mini-flurry of very rare snow-flakes streaming straight at my windshield. Might seem like no biggie to you folks who live in areas with serious weather but I was so excited I nearly crashed my car.

These are some pic's I snapped on those 2 days with my little digital. Too bad I didn't have my big-daddy Nikon D50 with my special lenses with me, but I think they sort of turned out cool anyway.

Here's the small batch of 10 with me playing with the settings:


And a sampling of the wild sky:


Dawn breaks


I'm going to a small gathering for Diane tomorrow. K will be there as will the rest of her family that I haven't seen in over 2 years. Everyone knows about the rift but I have no idea what they've heard about the reasons for it. It's not the time or place to talk about any of it but I'm a wee bit concerned about going.

However, I will pay my respects and I deserve to be there, dammit. I've really tried in the last month to forgive K. in my own mind so I can purge this ghost and let it go. I hope tomorrow doesn't reverse any of that. We shall see. I can't stay long anyway since I have to pick up my mom from the airport at 2:30. Because she's coming for a visit and staying for a week. Oh, did you not hear me. I said a week. A WEEK!!

I have a feeling the next 7 days will involve drinking. Just a hunch.

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