Sunday, August 12, 2007

I hate summer

Too long days
Traffic jams
Black socks in sandals

Giant spiders
Biting skeeters
Over-exposed love handles

Stupid tourists
Jam-packed crowds
No parking spaces

Crying kids
Slow strollers
Sticky ice cream faces

Crushing heat
Broken bbq grill

Sweaty boobs
Chafing crack
Gigantic AC bill

Hot car
Burning metal
Infected finger splinter

Blistering sun
Sleepless nights
Damn, I miss winter


Lisa said...

I'm right with ya on the sweaty boobs.

Wait. That didn't sound right . . .

Avalon said...

I Hate Winter


That's all.

Spooky said...

Nice. Everything is true. Sad but true. No healthy mind is willing to say something different. There is no doubt. The only solution is to switch the night for daylight. Sooner or later, we are all going to become a vampires, just because of fucking sun, It is getting hotter and hotter every single year.... It gave life to this earth, now it is taking life away. Slowly but surely.