Monday, June 25, 2007

Take note

Things I will do while drunk in Los Angeles:

1. Shove my ample cleavage in the cabbies window as an extra thank you.
2. Alternate between Corona 40's and Sutter Home zinfandel and be proud of it.
3. Tell a perfect stranger that I'd fuck Prince because I'd have no choice anyway. If Prince wants to fuck you it's gonna happen.
4. While trying to do the pee-pee hover get a little on the floor (and shoes) and not care a bit.
5. Scream "IT'S STIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGG" at the top of my lungs like a teenage girl. Many times.
7. Yell "YEAAAAAAAA" while waving double rock fingers in the air. \m/ \m/
8. Walk 2 miles through the ghetto trying to catch a cab and shouting "asshole" at those who wouldn't pick us up.
9. [censored]


Avalon said...

What about the Sting/Whitey sandwich? You didn't mention that.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you censored #9?! WTF? We want to know!


southernchickie said...

Well alrighty then.... Just make sure you use your alias, Anastatia Beaverhausen..

Leslie said...

Your rocker guy is into 8-hour love sessions and the one we just saw couldn't keep anything up for 8 hours but he was still hot for a 60-somethin'.

You always have the best times, you know that? Good on ya!

whitey said...

No way I'm double-stuffin' with Sting. I don't entirely trust him to stay on his side of rotisserie and he'd most likely wind up jerking off by himself for the last 7 1/2 hours.

Bitter Betty said...

The only thing I can tell you about the censored part is that there was floor condom retrieval the next morning.

NouveauBlogger said...

" I don't entirely trust him to stay on his side of rotisserie" - NO WAY he would, lol

And "If Prince wants to fuck you it's gonna happen." THAT probably goes for guys too, eh? I'll be careful in that event as well, lol.

lol @ floor condom retrieval

David said...

We still want the fully uncensored version.

And Woo Hoo. Floor condom retrieval. Always (except that one incident we don't talk about) a good time.