Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Born Day

I will save the rant I have brewing for another today since it's your birthday and thus all crankiness must wait until tomorrow!!

Happy 32cnd, baby!! I love you more than words can say and I hope this next year brings you, fucking finally, some of the things you so desire. (We'll get there, babe, we'll get there.)

Thank you for being the most super awesome person on the planet who I adore so much it hurts and thanks to your mama for pushing your ass out of hers. You are the frosting on my cake, the ketchup on my fries and the brave against my crazy. And as always, I love you more than my luggage.


san fran 060


Boo7 said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww what an adorable post....and adorable guy.....adorable crankypants..... ok ok enough already with the adorable and the shmoozing.......
Happy Birthday!!!!

Thanks for the welcome back over at my blog.......nice new layout for your blog by the has been a while since I've visited!!!

Boo7 said...

P.S. Your birthday is the same day as my baby bro's **snicker** I still like to call him that (he does too **grin**)even though this is his 30th!!!

whitey said...

Oh, sure. Don't use a picture since I've become all buff and hot, an--er, I mean, thanks, baby! I love you more than nacho cheese.

Avalon said...

Happy Birthday Whitey!!!!!

Betty, did you force that poor man to pose in that "come hither" way? You shameless hussy!

Bitter Betty said...

Yay, boo!! So glad you're back.

I'll make sure to take a new photo of your huge...biceps, baby.

av a lon!! I forced nothing! He always looks like he's contemplating the universe when in reality he's thinking about burritos. Or nothing at all.

NouveauBlogger said...

Happy birthday whitey!