Thursday, February 01, 2007


Momgate. Day 6. Shall we survive. Outlook unknown.

Favorite broken bowls that "just went FLYING off the dishrack I didn't even TOUCH it" - 1

Hacked beyond recognition ficus plant I never told her to touch that now looks like total crap - 1

Doors ruined by slathering wood oil on a faux-finish that now looks like someone's greasy hands have rubbed all over it - 1

Ruined brick patio covered in white paint because the sun came out for 23 minutes during a 24-hour rainstorm but she thought it would be a good idea to paint the outdoor shelf which then proceeded to get hammered with rain all night and splattered watery white paint everywhere - 1

Minutes I spent on my hands and knees yesterday morning on the wet bricks sobbing and trying to get the white paint off with windex and a scrub brush - 32

Paint drops and smears on carpet because she didn't use provided drop cloth - 2

Rugs speckled with bleach drops - 1

Everyday towels packed without permission because she thought we were keeping them in a stupid place, you know, like the laundry room - 15

Blue paint on ceiling because she refused to let me buy her a new brush for cutting in - all the fucking way across the wall

Crying fits - 3; 2 for me, 1 for her

Crying hugs - 2

Apologies - 2

Apologies retracted because she can't ever just say I'm sorry for fucking up - 2

Passive Aggressive statements - 195

Contrary opinions just to be contrary - 133

Indignant tones - 57

Pissy faces - 45

Ativan I've taken - 9

Bottles of wine consumed - 2

Periods with great fucking timing arriving - 1

Squares of raw cookie dough eaten from package - 8

Upset stomach's from squares of raw cookie dough eaten from package - 3

Days left - 4

Sanity level - 35%

Chocolate on planet to assuage this assault on my psyche - NOT NEARLY ENOUGH

Guilt - a little

Frustration - A LOT

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