Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Impulse buy

In the midst of what feels like the Karma train running back and forth over my ass every 10 minutes after stopping for passengers and fuel, I caught a fucking break yesterday. Work on the house is still not done, I have a raging case of near-suicidal PMS ~shakes fists at hormones~, the beast woman at work who is so brutal to talk to I'd rather have a loop of Julia Roberts annoying trumpet laugh playing in my head has now kidnapped me under her wing as a special project, and I need to bleach my upper lip before people start calling me sir.

Oh yea, the break. So yesterday morning about 9:45 I'm wallowing like a pig in my situational depression and boo-hooing a stupid laundry list of stupidity when I hear the radio station I'm listening to comment about something that peaked my interest. What is that they're saying? Did I hear correctly? Have I possibly gotten a bit of information before it's too late instead of after? Is God kissing my weary head RIGHT NOW!?!

And the answer was YES!! YES HE WAS. And I did go forth and log in to the internets and I whipped out my credit card and after I fixed my fuck up of locking my account because apparently you can't hit the refresh button too many time I did it!! I succeeded! I FINALLY DIDN'T GET SCREWED OVER!! And....




Jun 23, 2007
Los Angeles
Dodger Stadium
Sold Out


Did you notice the "Sold Out"?? Didya?? Well it's not Sold Out for me, baby! Ha ha! We're going! I have no idea where we'll be living at the time but I don't care! I'm going to fly to LA if I have to and stay in a hotel and I'm going to see Sting and maybe he'll look right at me and smile and I'll know he's singing Do Do Do just for me and I will dig my old jean jacket with the ripped sleeve and rhinestone fish pin out of storage and I will wear it.

I will take a long nap in the afternoon so I can stay up past 10:00!! I will drink plenty of water and bring earplugs because it's going to be too loud but I will go! And I will love them and I will be 17 again and I will have a great time!! I will stand in line to pee and to buy booze and to purchase a t-shirt I will never wear!! And I will love it!!

And then I will mourn the loss of $238.00 for the tickets because fuck me, that's a lot of money.

But I don't care!! It's Sting and The Police and an experience to treasure forever and it will please me immensely. And make me smile fondly at my youth. And remind me you're only as old as you feel/act/dress, and it will be good. And I will be happy. And really, that's all that matters. Isn't it?

I can't wait!


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