Friday, May 20, 2005

How low, can you go

Limbo. What a weird feeling. Lack of feeling? Occasional feeling? I dunno. But that's where I am right now. Sort of like when you've been running around all day, doing a thousand and fourteen things, drank 12 diet cokes to wash down the 4 m-n-m's you had for lunch, then you get home and continue to chore around finally collapsing on the bed and that weird void of weirdness hits you and it's not exactly a rush, but a void.

A concentration of nothing.

I hope that made a modicum of sense. It's OK though. It's better than gallons of adrenaline and trying not to tear my face off with my bare hands. And like every bizarre mood I have, it'll pass. I have SO much to say and write about, but I think my brain worked so hard this week it's telling me, "listen you, go get laid, have a cocktail and shut up. Leave. Me. Alone. I worked overtime like the pretty girl in a whorehouse these last few days and I need a fucking break". OK brain, one break coming up.

And lucky me, I'm going out of town! Yay! And getting laid! Yay! And riding on an airplane! Boo. I hate to fly. HATE. Another flying tube of death, another pat-down by Helga the Security Bitch. Another Ativan, please. But my destination is sweet and the company I'll be keeping is even sweeter. I'm going here:

(I done stole this pic off the web and cropped out the copyright. Please don't sue me photoman)

I'll be spending 3 + days in the arms of my baby and hanging with my bestest friend in the world whom I love like crazy. He's graduating from college this weekend and I couldn't be more proud. I actually get choked up just thinking about it. He's so awesome and so deserving and I know he'll be successful like all get out. It's been a long, hard road and he's finally made it. Congrat's Matty! I love you.

He's also a doof. I have an actual itinerary for the weekend. Too funny. But he's managing his large family and a myriad of friends, dinners, brunches, catered parties, and the actual graduation. So I guess it's warranted. It should be a great time and I'm really excited. And during our allotted scheduled "free time" I hope to sightsee a bit and take some pictures to share. Told you he was a doof.

So once again, thank you to anyone who's reading these words of mine. I hope you all have a great weekend. I'll be extending mine an extra day and I'm sure I'll have tales to tell when I return. I shall leave you with this thought;


What the fuck is wrong with these people? Do they really think it's cool to blink a single eye at someone? Just what kind of message are you trying to send and how did this insipidly retarded practice start? I suspect some dumb King back in the day had Tourette's or something and had one gnarly facial tick. So all of the scaredy cat ass-kissers tried to make him feel better by adopting the habit and it spread from there.

Personally, I hate it. Makes me mad. I see anyone winking in any context and I immediately grimace with disgust and label you a moron. Oh, they're a winker. Lame. Fucking smarmy bastards. Don't you wink that patronizing porn eye at me or I'll poke out the other one with a rusty screwdriver. Pah.

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