Monday, March 26, 2007


**While proof-reading this entry I realized my grammar is pathetic, my sentence structure a crack-whore and my content a poor third-world country. I apologize but I'm tired and my brain isn't working and I haven't had chocolate in 4 days. I'm sure you understand.**

Well, I'm finally able to pronounce the letter "n" without sounding like I've shoved an entire box of raisins up my nose (not that I ever did that as a child) and I'm no longer going through a box of kleenex every 3 days. But my ears are hanging onto this shit like a pit bull with a tasty toddler in its jaws. Having my head ascend or descend any farther than a few feet makes me look like a beached grouper gasping for air while I try to pop my ears. Ah well, could be worse.

But never fear! I still have a lot to complain about so be gone nasty, snotting cold! I don't need you! I can bitch about traffic and my frizzy hair and my asshole, greasy-weasel boss who can eat the toejam offa my feet because you suck, you stupid fucker! You SUCK!


I'm getting ready for another (fucking) scan. Started the low-iodine all my food tastes like yucky shit diet last Friday and I am less than pleasant. I hate this diet. Hate. I can't cook anyway and trying to adhere to all of these food rules and create things that I can choke down makes me crazy. I'm trying to make the meals I've done in the past and improve on them so they're half-way edible but it's not going well. I want a salad with real dressing! Boo! I hate you olive oil! Boo boo! I can't have chocolate! Which goes right past boo and into someone might die territory.

Despite this shit diet I'm not too worried about the outcome of this years scan, and I totally appreciate the fact that I thought I was going to get to skip it this year so I haven't been stressing about it for the last 12 months. But it sucks anyway. It's stressful and the drugs they pump me up with aren't easy for my delicate flower of a system. Last year I was on the verge of hurling for about 10 days straight. So that was fun, she says with a saracastic grimace.

I took 3 weeks off last year to get through it all, since the ordeal takes longer than normal to deal with. 2 weeks of the stupid diet, the scanning schedule itself is 5 days, then letting the drugs dissipate takes even longer. It's just hard and fuck it, I don't need to try and be a trooper working through it all.

I did that the year before last and it sucked giant donkey balls. I didn't get paid for the one week I took off and I felt like shit working full-time for another 2 weeks and my company doesn't care, which they don't have to, but wouldn't be nice if someone said, hey, you look like you feel like hell, go home and rest. Which will never happen so, now I take 3 weeks off, which is hard for anyone to understand why it takes that long but whatever. I know what my body and brain can handle and needs and during this crap it needs naps and daytime TV and my blankie and my kitty and NO WORK.

I met with my HR rep last Friday who informed me that by law my company would have to keep a position for me but not necessarily my position. I knew that was the case but had never been told that before so it was nerve-wracking to say the least. But since my current job has turned into your typical shit-show I guess I don't care. I don't like who I'm working for and I'm not happy there. Whatever happens is going to happen. Aw well, it could be worse.

The house is looking great these days (grumble grumble have to pick up my dirty clothes every damn day) and it's been shown a couple of times but no nibbles yet, just lots of feedback about my decorating abilities. Great! Thanks! Now buy my fucking house! I'll throw in the couch!

My agent had an open house last weekend but I don't think she did what she was supposed to do since only 6 people showed up. Hopefully we can do it again because we are ready to get out of here. It's already hot enough to have the AC blasting almost every day and I'm not ready for that. Being Southern California we only have 2 seasons. 9 months of scorching heat and 3 months of not scorching heat.

We got some really cold days this winter but they only lasted long enough to kill the living shit out of my gigantic ficus tree. Yes, the one my mother has been trying to murder for years. Congrat's mom, you got your wish. And the first day of Spring brought temp's in the high 80's. It was such a drag. And don't you snow people roll your eyes at me, you'd get sick of sweating like a pig under a heat lamp too. Ah well, it could be worse.

We were super busy last weekend with our turbo-cleaning getting ready for the open house, my normal Saturday stuff then having to stay away so we didn't scare off the lookie-loos. I was crashed out by 5:00 both nights this weekend taking much needed late naps. We had a lot of fun browsing around a bookstore on Saturday. Something we don't get to do very often so that was fun.

On Sunday I met a good friend and her rambunctious (read: obnoxious) kid at the Wild Animal Park for some animal watchin'. It felt good to walk around a bit and to get my camera out after what felt like months. Even though it was fuck-ass crowded I only wanted to drop kick a few stupid people and we saw some type of scandal with a kid getting grabbed on arm by some guy and park security was called and people were wisked away and the cops were called. It was almost exciting.

Here are a few photo's I snapped and a link to some more I loaded on my flickr account. I'm tired and going to bed, so enjoy!

(click to make bigger)
wild animal park mar '070316
wild animal park mar '070269
wild animal park mar '070181
wild animal park mar '070012
wild animal park mar '070030

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