Friday, December 01, 2006

TGIFucking hell

Dear Week,

You can stop kicking my ass now.



Jebus H. on a popsicle stick, has this one been extra super duper rough. It was a shit show. And now I physically feel like I drank my own personal bottle of cheap tequila, ate the worm on a sesame cracker, smoked 14 packs of no name cigarettes and didn't sleep for 3 days straight. None of which I did since that kind of activity usually comes with mind-blowing fun and nakedness. Having a simulated hangover without any preceding monkey sex just isn't fair, god dammit.

I hope I'm not coming down with something real, as opposed to the fake "I think I'm coming down with something" symptoms I have every other day. My body likes to play a cute little game of cat & mouse with me where illness is concerned. I'll wake up one morning hacking and feverish and I'll be convinced I've been infected with some kind of mutated virus from a silverfish and I'll be going into multiple organ failure by lunch.

Then it goes away a day later and once again, I've been faked out. I guess I shouldn't complain about not getting some big payoff of the killer flu, but feeling like i'm almost getting the killer flu for days at a time and then it going away then coming back again is retarded. Fucking hormones. Being a girl is hard! And stress. Stress sucks too! Hmf.

I would love to spend the weekend laying around my house watching Season 1 of Grey's Anatomy because I'm bound and determined to get on that train, baby! I'm comin' for ya Dr. McDreamy!! And snogging with my man, but nay, I'm flying to San Fran tonight for a weekend of shopping, picture taking, and mild debauchery since I'm not in the mood for extreme debauchery. Those boys in the gayborhood will just have to lay off my boobs this time. I ain't in the mood.

Hopefully I can catch a much-needed nap on the plane and I know that if I'm truly out of steam we can always go back to my best friend Matty's house and sit around staring at the wall because he's one of those people who DON'T HAVE A T.V. I know! I've been really looking forward to this trip so I hope I snap out of this crud I feel invading my system soon. Bleh.

Like I said, I'm bringing my camera and hopefully will get some more cool shots of the city. I've been told it's mandatory we go watch the ice skaters at the seasonal outdoor rink and I, in kind, have warned massive and painful bodily injury on Matt is there there is any nagging or harassing for me to get into a pair of ice skates. I can barely stand on my own feet let alone sharp, metal blades attached to plastic boots that raise my ass another 4 inches off the floor. That would be bad, people, bad.

So you all have a nice weekend and I'll be back on Sunday with a melted credit card and NO pictures of naked penii. (This time.)

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