Sunday, October 08, 2006

Brief intermission

The weekend after my birthday I flew up to San Francisco for my annual b-day trip/visit/extravaganze of debauchery with my best friend Matty. This time not only would we be partying in the gayborhood and getting massages at Relax NOW! (now, dammit, I said RELAX!) but we'd be going to the Folsom Street Fair of which it would be my first time. Consequently, it would also be my last time since the only the naked and greased-up penis I like to have brush up against me is whitey's and not some accountant from Oakland with a pierced taint and a free pass to wave it in public once a year.

We did some shopping and relaxing and walking walking walking walking walking. Oh, and walking with also a trip to the SF MOMA, which was rather YAWNA and they didn't let me take any pictures even with my flash off so now no one will get to share the magnificence of this unless you go there yourself and see it in all it's...ah...pukely vulgarity brilliance. Although I did score a fabulous new backpack that is all the envy. Envy me.

We really packed a lot into one weekend and to spare everyone from a detailed itinerary I'll leave you with some pictures. I'm really getting into this photography thing and hope to one day be good enough to maybe sell a few. Or at least share them with someone who'd like a photo of mine hanging on more than their fridge.

I've loaded a few of the ones I thought were worthy of sharing (absent the swinging penii) into a set you can see here and below are some of my favorites. Please keep in mind I have almost no idea what I'm doing and a host of these were experimental (drunken) attempts at creativity. (And if anyone knows of a photo-hosting or sharing site that will link a pic as it's own page in a thumbnail then it gets huge after you open it please let me know. I happily wasted 3 hours at work screwing around with pic's but got frustrated in the process and now you're left to navigate the confuzzled flickr page I've managed to fuck up.)


The incredible view from the apartment balcony. (Clicky to make bigger.)


Saturday sunrise.


Clock tower.


Farmer's market.




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