Thursday, August 25, 2005

One worried mama here

One of my kitties is sick. Sick with some mysterious disease that has made her look like a sad clown with cloudy eyes and a fever and a slightly sticky coat, but that could possibly be from the liquid antibiotics she keeps sputtering out of her mouth after I try and glurg them down her throat. She's listless and miserable and I'M SO TERRIBLY WORRIED!!

So folks of the internet, I need some good vibes today. Not for me this time but for Boo. I haven't heard from the vets office yet and have no idea what's wrong. It could be anything from a simple mysterious infection to fatal feline leukemia. Or god forbid, kitty AIDS. Of all god damn things. Just thinking about her hurting makes me cry. The waiting sucks and the worrying sucks more. But the thought of losing her is almost more than I can bear.

My Boo is my sweetheart. My I will love you when the fancy strikes me on my own terms thankyouverymuch you filthy human. She's been my little buddy since I scooped her up into my arms, while she screamed like a banshee in protest, and moved her and her sister from my neighbors house to mine. That was almost 2 years ago and I can't imagine life without them. And despite her moodiness, she still purrs whenever I give her a good hard petting and that makes me melt. Every damn time. I love the purr.

Her sister doesn't pay much attention to me unless I'm safely sitting on the couch or am possibly making my way towards the kitchen where the treats live. Otherwise she runs away. Little fucker. But Boo has been my shadow since the day my kitties allowed me to live in their (my) home. Boo has almost always slept on the bed with me occasionally on top of my guts, likes to lay in my lap when I'm at the computer, after crawling up my arm and patting me with her paw, and is one of the funniest, weirdest, most entertaining cats I've ever seen.

She's loud and picky and psychotic and loving and strange and cute and a pain in the neck and demanding and sweet and funny and I love her! She plays fetch like a dog, running back to me with wadded up paper balls and water bottle caps. She sits in the bathroom when I get ready in the morning and tells me all her exciting plans for the day. And she likes to make love to plastic bags. (Don't ask). Lord help you if you accidentally hit the end of her tail while walking past. You will get a hearty squawk of displeasure!

She loves her tummy rubbed and her chin scratched and teases her sister until she receives a menacing hiss. Then walks away with haughty satisfaction. She licks the shower tracks and runs away like a naughty kid when I yell at her to stop. She roots under the covers and sleeps there for hours at a time often joining me for a weekend nap, her body up against mine. She acts like one drop of water accidentally flicked onto her head might as well be acid. And she occasionally lets me squeeze her while I baby talk into her ear until she plunges a claw into my thigh.

She's awesome and I love her so much. I'm praying this is something she can recover from. Boo has helped me through some rough times in the too-short time I've had her and I sincerely hope I can get her through this one. So please, send a good wish her way. I would really appreciate it.


(Boo is the trouble-maker on the left. Yes, I know she's sick and I'm worried beyond belief but don't tell me those 2 don't look like double-trouble!)

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