Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hurricane Relief

Looking at the devastation from this storm is unbelievable. Having an idea of the destruction that doesn't seem to be ending is heart-breaking and staggering. Almost too big to get your head around. These kinds of natural disasters are horrible. The aftermaths horrific. The rebuilding seeming out of reach. But there are ways we can help.

Thank God for volunteers and organizations, like the ASPCA and Red Cross who take on the tasks of serving those in desperate need. My heart goes out to those who have been affected by Hurricane Katrina and implore anyone and everyone who reads my words here to please take the time and visit one of these sites and give a donation if you can. Any amount will help. And if you don't have anything to spare, please think about passing the information on.

And please don't forget about the thousands of animals who also need rescuing, medical aid and help. I can imagine how terrified they are and how much worse this is for those who have lost everything. When you only have the soaking wet shirt on your back, being reunited with your pet can make all the difference. We can't forget about our animal friends.





Thank you in advance.


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