Thursday, October 28, 2004


Be careful with my heart, that is all I ask. All I ever ask. It's fragile. Made of glass. Like the kind spun out of sugary webs by the quiet man in the lonely booth at the county fair. His shelves lined with icy unicorns, horns dipped in gold that little girls yearn to hold but who's small hands haven't learned to be gentle enough for delicate love.

My heart has worked so very hard. It's tired and weary, but hopeful. It's remained steady and at moments strong. Protected. Surrounded by chisled granite and mortar. But like any stone wall, can be moved one rock at a time. Allowing light to shine through to the other side. However, if this heart is not treated with ardent hands, the barricade will be built to unreachable heights, wrapped in barbed wire and armed with guardsman.

All hearts should revered this way, mine included, and I shall do the same with yours. That is all I ask.

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whitey said...

Consider it done, beautiful.