Tuesday, December 16, 2008


There's something incredibly creepy about a funeral home radio advert that wishes you a (emphasis on this word) safe holiday season. Is that like reverse psychology or something? I remain suspicious.

It's pointless to argue with a sonogram tech over the insanely stupid amount of required water newly filling into your bladder mere minutes after you were praised for said amount of water being "just perfect" but is now "too much" because one cannot be expected to get up and use the restroom "every 10 minutes" when the calmly bitchy tech has an 8 inch vag cam shoved into your nancy. She really holds the cards at that point.

I'd really like to develop a game of Walmart Bingo. The squares would consist of things/species/odors you will undoubtedly experience whens shopping there. Chances to win increase on Saturday afternoons. Things like wailing child, missing teeth, fart cloud, surly employee, mystery stain, fat ass blocking aisle, pile of broken glass, shoplifted item/empty carton, police car parked outside, and receipt error.

All U.S. Postal Service workers are assholes.

Yes. All.


Avalon said...

Damn. I sure am glad I quit my USPS job on Monday.

However, I just applied to be an Ultrasound tech. In the GYN department.

Curvy girl said...

I'm in for playing Walmart bingo. All those reasons are why I avoid that store like the plague.

NouveauBlogger said...

And Happy Holidays to you too :)

Lynnster said...

Ewww on the funeral home thing. Tres creepy.