Monday, June 16, 2008

Dear Kitty,

You are the furry love of my life, KeeKee cat, and I appreciate the fact that you have an uncontrollable need to sleep as close to me as possible, even when that compulsion hits you at 5 fucking o'clock in the crackass of the morning. But must you park your butt on top of the pillow my head is currently occupying?

It is vital to snuggle with my face immediately after a visit to the poo poo house so I wake up with kitty litter stuck to my cheek? And as much as I Just. Can't. Get. Enough of your sweet purring it's not necessary to do so directly into my ear when mommy is trying to squeeze the last few drops of sleep out of her too-short night.

Also, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't CHEW MY HAIR like some circus freak with a follicle fetish.

Love you. Mean it,


p.s. please stop barfing. We all know it's you, despite the look of innocence you give me. Thank you.



been there, done that said...


I feel your pain.

Jezebel said...

I can so relate to your post. Except I have 3 cats, two of which prefer sleeping up my ass and one who prefers sleeping on the pillow next to me and grooming my hands any time he's awake.

Lula said...

Very pretty kitty, even though I think kitties are the Devil.

And also - SHEESH, I don't check on your for a few days and all of a sudden there are THREE posts? What the heck, man?

And alsoII, thank you for replying to my email to please think of me and my Littles. It meant a lot, and I know I didn't say much about it, but it does help more than you know that my 'internet pals' are out there. You're a sweetie.

Curvy girl said...

I have been having similar issues with my Diva. For a three-pound Dorkie she can be quite loud in the middle of the night. Last night she cried from living room at least 4 times cause she wanted me to get up and play with her and she keeps wanting to go out before the alarm goes off. I really need a nap.

P.S. So glad to see you are back. How's the arm?

Joan said...

I thought you had fallen off a cliff or something. One more day and I woulda been forced to take you off my blog roll. Phew, that was close. Oh, right, I erased it by mistake last week.... nevermind.

Nice to see U back.

Evil Genius said...

Beautiful kitty! And she sounds just like my Oliver. My husband and I fight over which one of us gets to sniff his butt first thing every morning as he is splayed out over one or both of our pillows. :-)

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful!A nd I totally know what you mean my cat does that too.

Sorry I didn't answer your question about what type of blogs I was looking for. I'm a bad thread starter. I've abandoned my thread! (said in the "there will be blood voice") Hahaha.

Jen&HerBoat said...

Pretty girl!

I think she's mind melded with mine and they're sharing evil plans in the dark of the night.

Sometimes, it's not until hours later that I notice that piece of kitty litter stuck on my neck like a wart that smells a bit like pee.

Jen Hintz said...

I know the feeling. =)

That picture is absolutely stunning, BTW...what gorgeous eyes!