Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Technology Shmology

Blogger is being a booger. Can't get into comments. Can reply. Can't read 'em. Can't open other people's to be a sneaky snake and see what other people are saying. Can't leave 'em. I've got nuthin! Half my posts won't go through and since I'm still posting whitey's, I get the double shaft with no reach around.

So I see you down there. I really like you down there. I really want to say something to you down there. But I can't! Or it's so much of a royal pain in my big white ass, I run out of patience before I follow through.

Switching to Haloscan this weekend. I swear. I'll do it this time. I'll figure out where the code goes, by golly, or I'll hurt someone trying.

Dear Internet Gods That Control Blogger. Please post this. PLEASE. Thank you.



Becka said...

Do Commentthis! Please! I'll love you forever!

Ginny said...


Don't leave me as the only one not smart enough to figure that shit out!

Ginny said...

Ok, I was gonna say don't do it but then I got an error message trying to comment. Fuckers.

Bitter Betty said...

I tole you!!